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WordPress is always being updated and one of the recent changes is that the Twenty Fourteen theme no longer appears in the list of available free themes.

I have used Twenty Fourteen as an example in my book because it has so many features. The later themes (Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen and Twenty Seventeen) are rather more ‘bloggy’ – which means they’re fine for blogs but not too useful for websites.

But fear not. The Twenty Fourteen theme is still available from WordPress. From your dashboard, go to ‘Appearance’, ‘Themes’, ‘Add New’. Then click the ‘Popular’ tab and you’ll see it. Click on it to install and activate it. That’s all!

I’ll update my book about this in the next edition.


2 thoughts to “Twenty Fourteen Theme”

  1. IHi Sarah ,I just typed a question went to paste my website and the comment vansished do you have it ? If so can you direct me to the ‘Save Draft’ button or advise how to save a draft?

  2. I have a question about Lesson 10. I defined “page 1” as my default home. Then I decided to try “page 2” as my default home. Then I changed my mind and went back to “page 1.” The problem is that now when I click on a link to page 2 it sends me back to the home page which now has the content of page 1 on it. In the admin interface, the content for page 2 is there, but the URL seems to have a redirect to home on it and I can’t figure out how to turn it off. I hope you can help. I’ve been googling for a solution to no avail. Although I’ll keep trying to find an answer on my own until you have time to get back to me.

    “page 2” is my book title, so I’d really like to get that URL back in commission. Thanks.

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