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In all the documentation about WordPress To Go, the website domain is quoted as That domain, together with its website, has been in existence for a good number of years and has had a growing audience. But I’ve recently been advised (by someone who knows all about this stuff) that the domain name breaches the WordPress copyright.

Well, naive little me had no idea that I had infringed a copyright and, of course, I intended no harm to WordPress. But I do not want to be on the wrong side of the law and I do not want to offend anyone.

So, I have registered another domain which now houses my website at – that’s here! I have deleted the previous website and redirected the domain to this one.

This has no effect of the content of my book, except perhaps to warn my readers to check their new domain name carefully so as not to fall into trouble like me!

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  1. Hi Sarah, I am at lesson 5 frustrated to hell I am writing page content which I appear to be unable to save as a draft or in any other manner what am I doing wrong I can’t find the ‘Save Draft’ button when I google how to do it I am advised the content is automatically saved? on the bottom of the page is the notice draft saved at whatever the time is but when I go back into the development of the pages they just revert to the standard instruction as to what the page can be used for? I am too keen to make this work it is painful do you think I should delete everything I have done for the last fortnight and start again?

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