Lesson 3 Hints & Tips

The Design Of Your WordPress Website

Website design is a matter choice: fashions come and go but the primary function of your website design is to attract the attention of your target audience.

What your website looks like is all down to the WordPress theme. The theme author will have designed the colors, page formats, fonts user options and more. When you’ve chosen a theme then you can (usually) tailor it to your own requirements and you can experiment with it until you get it to look exactly how you want.

  • Do you want your visitors to read your text? Then you’ll probably be better off with a minimal theme design, like this one. A minimal theme is easy on the eye and does not have loads of graphics popping up all over. The visitor will be able to read your words without too much distraction and you will then hopefully get your message across.
  • Do you want to sell your goods? In the eCommerce world they say that an image is worth a thousand words.  And therefore you should choose a theme that will enable you to illustrate your products with images, perhaps with a shop-front theme or one that provides image grids and buy buttons.
  • Are you an artist or photographer? If so, you’ll probably already have a strong idea of what design would suit your products. A theme that provides an image slider or slide show will probably suit you best – and the bigger the better.

There are loads of free themes available for you to install on the wordpress.org website. The most popular are usually the most reliable, but then lots of people will use them and you might want your site to look a bit different.

And if you want to be a bit more ‘exclusive’ then you could use a premium theme from a company such as Elegant Themes where you have masses of choice and options and where it is easy to create a unique theme just for you. This option is best as a step-up from a free theme. You’ll need to have a bit of experience at customizing themes so that you can get to grips with the more complex options in the premium themes. But it’s a goal well worth pursuing!

6 thoughts to “Lesson 3 Hints & Tips”

  1. I just completed Lesson 3, and my header graphic isn’t in the same place on the page as your illustration. That is, your header graphic is at the very top of the page, and mine is under the site name and tagline. Did I miss something?

    P.S. I am a retired webmaster, and have not done any web development for six years. So, I have technical knowledge, but am not up to speed with more recent advances.

  2. Hey Sarah!
    I am going through your book step by step right now! I am working on my site title and tagline. They are still in the “brainstorm” stage. Is there a way to save my work behind the scenes in my dashboard without publishing it? I’d like to have my site somewhat put together before going live. (Also, most of the domain names I wanted to use were “for sale”, so I started with my name to get the ball rolling.)
    Thank you!

      1. Thanks, Sarah! After I got a little further in the book, my question was answered about having an “under construction” site up. And, I found that I could “save and publish” before I have my site go live. Your book is very helpful. I will be recommending it to others!

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