Lesson 2 Hints & Tips

Install WordPress On Your Domain

Lesson 2 is all about installing WordPress on your domain, but if you’ve followed the advice in Lesson 1 then you won’t have to do that because SiteGround will already have done it for you. But if you’re coming from another host then you may have to do it yourself. That is what Lesson 2 is all about.

As described in my book, the easiest way to do this is via the host’s cPanel, a conglomeration of scripts and functions that can look pretty overwhelming to a newcomer but that most of us can mostly ignore. All you have to do is find the icon with the WordPress ‘W’ on it and click it from there.

But what about the advice that some manuals give that instructs you to download the WordPress software from wordpress.org and install it on your own computer? Or to download it and then upload it to your hosting account? Well, that is now out of date. In the olden days we seasoned webmasters had to do just that because most web hosts didn’t provide a way of doing it automatically. But thankfully time has moved on!

Now that WordPress has become so popular the hosting companies have cottoned on and they have installed a variety of scripts that will do it for you. They want your business and they want to make life easier for you. That’s the positive news. The negative bit is that their installation script may have added some pages and/or ads to the process. You can ignore all of this and delete the junk when you come to Lesson 4.

And once it’s done that’s it. You’ll never have to do it again.

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