Lesson 1 Hints & Tips

Register Your Domain And Sign Up For Web Hosting

I’ve been told that Lesson 1 is the most difficult one in the book because that’s where you get started. You can’t really progress to Lesson 2 until you have truly completed Lesson 1 – and that’s the problem.

The reason that most people don’t build their own websites is that the technical barriers are too great for them. They don’t understand the technology and they are afraid of even trying to master it. So they do nothing and they turn their backs.

Now, if you are a reader of my book WordPress To Go then you have already taken a first tiny step. A lot of people are too scared to even buy a book about creating a website. But not you – you have the motivation to start your journey and create the website you want and need.

Lesson 1 is where you begin to take action to register a domain and sign up to web hosting. And that can seem like a big step if this is the first time that you have ever done it. But it’s not that tough, I promise you. All you have to do is take that first initiative.

Follow along Lesson 1, step by step, as I walk you through it, do what I tell you and you’ll easily get there. Allow me to be your mentor and you will be a practicing webmaster in no time at all!




3 thoughts to “Lesson 1 Hints & Tips”

  1. When I go to login to /wp-login, I get a notice that the site is not secure. How can I get it secure? Thanks for your help and for you book.
    —- Bruce

  2. Dear Sarah,

    A long time ago, I bought a domain name and got web hosting from GoDaddy.com. I have an active account but I am stuck it’s very hard to maneuver in GoDaddy. I will appreciate any suggestion from you. Thank you. Uma Richmond

    1. Hi Uma,
      I’m sorry but I don’t know how to manoeuvre GoDaddy’s hosting. All I can suggest is that you contact their Tech Support to ask them how to install WordPress on your domain. If you can do that successfully then you should be able to follow the lessons in my book and forget all about their complications 🙁

      Good luck!

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